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898989898The Canadian province of Ontario does not lack opportunities that this either at the economic level or social, something which is manifested through the dynamism of its labor market. It goes without saying that the unemployment rate is quite high compared to other provinces but it always remains in the limit of the national average. On the other hand the prospects for the future are promising especially knowing that many positions will be vacant and therefore available for researchers to use thanks to the retirements of several employees in the private sector or public. Without forgetting that the creation of employment is almost permanent to accompany the development of the region.

Because of this it is sufficient to obtain information on the opportunities for Ontario, the profiles that are the more research and trades more porters to ensure a place in the active life. In order to get an idea and seize the opportunity when it arises, only one address is required ontario-job.ca
This is an aggregator that indexed the various offers of employment of specialized sites among the most imminent at the level of the Ontario and Canada to enable the local population to better understand the local job market and its needs and better adapt the demand with the supply.

Ontario-job.ca allows you to search by profession, by company and by keyword specifying the locality for more relevance and a saving of time and effort ensuring. A job seeker has certainly need a post suited to their skills and their qualifications but more of an interface which the aid with relevance in its quest is the case of the portal of the Employment Ontario-job.ca.

Ontario is a province in Canada which has a total population of 13.6 million inhabitants, whereas the active population amounts to 7,440,800 persons, while the number of unemployed is 561,300 of or arises from an activity rate of 66.4 %, a rate of employment of 61.4 per cent and an unemployment rate of 7.5 per cent are at the same level as the national average in Canada.

A few indicators on the health of the labor market in Ontario during the past year the labor market has weakened, a finding supported by the few 53,600 newly created posts while the number of people in age to join the active life has increased by 141,000 people.

It is to be noted that many sectors of activity no longer offer such good prospects in terms of employment. In effect, the services sector has lost 8800 jobs in just one month, particularly in the branches of the accommodation, catering, trade, transport and storage. The field of agriculture has also been marked by a loss of consistent employment of 13,500 positions, as well as the manufacturing sector which has experienced a loss of 21,900 jobs.

That said these bleeding in the labor market have been counterbalanced by some sectors including finance, insurance and real estate which have proposed more than 25,400 posts, and then there is the teaching that generates 19,900 additional jobs, or even the support services with their 19,600 new jobs.

The gain or loss of employment varies not only in function of the economic sectors in the province but also from one city to another within the province of Ontario. In this regard, the various regions have recorded an improvement and employment earnings, with the exception of London, where employment is remains unaltered and then the regions of Toronto, the Northeast and the Windsor-Sarnia who lost a few points. Moreover the Windsor-Sarnia has a record high unemployment rate which amounts to 10.2 %.

For a better understanding of the employment market, the evolution of the demand and the supply side, the sectors and occupations that recruit the most and which offer significant prospects for the future, Ontario-job.ca This is the address to visit!


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