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Project manager

Manager jobs are really popular today. Manager must be ready to make sure that quality standards are met, use IT systems to keep track of progress and people, provide advice on the management of projects and recruit specialists. If you are seeking for project management jobs, have in mind that you will organize various professional people working on project, oversee billing, costing and accounting and carry out risk assessment. There are lot more responsibilities a project manager has in his or her profession – representing interests of client or organization, monitoring sub-contractors, agreeing project objectives, etc.

General manager

General manager must develop strategic plan, coordinate actions, maintain quality service, build company image and accomplish subsidiary objectives. Activities like controlling the daily operations of business, hiring and training new staff, formulate department policies and delegating work duties are also needed in this job. If you are not afraid to review performance data, establish and maintain controls, monitor and measure productivity or plan and implement new procedures, than general manager jobs are for you.

Operations manager

Operations manager has vital role in company by being responsible for increasing effectiveness, making long-term plans, payroll management, supervising and coaching office manager and development individual program budgets. The operations manager job is to organize fiscal documents, regularly meet with Executive Director and oversee financial management and systems. This role includes also invoicing to funding sources, researching new technologies and alternative methods of efficiency, managing agency budget and supporting better information flow. Some more activities are part of operations manager jobs – overseeing inventory, distribution of goods and facility layout, etc.

Property manager

If you are good in negotiation and selling to customer needs, than profession of property manager jobs might be for you. Property manager must maintain building systems, establish rental rate, maintain and secure property, attracts tenants by advertising vacancies and contracts with them, etc. Activities like enforcing occupancy policies, preparing reports and scheduling expenditures are also part of property management jobs. He or she has to look after industrial spaces, buildings and housing, interview potential renters, pay municipal bills, make sure building complies with all laws and collect rents or association fees. It is not all – role of a property manager includes looking after housekeeping, answering complaints and concerns from tenants, just as arranging any needed repairs.

Warehouse manager

Warehouse manager? Warehouse manager should plan, coordinate and monitor the receipt, order, assembly and dispatch of goods, deal with customer communication by mail and telephone, coordinate use of automated and computerized systems, liaise with suppliers, customers and transport companies, etc. Usually, warehouse manager has to maintain the standards of security, health, safety and hygiene, make sure inventories are accurate and oversee the maintenance of vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Account manager

Account manager has to use contacts to make new business for a company, manage a portfolio of accounts, deliver presentations, attend meetings with clients, engage in project management duties and maintain good relationship with clients. Account manager job description also includes achieving high sales targets, leading, training and managing other members from account management team, providing clients with excellent service and report, etc.

Program manager

Recruiting, assigning and counseling new staff, reviewing job contributions, enforcing policies and procedures, preparing and completing action plans, meets financial objectives – all of these activities are part of program management jobs. An employee on this position must prepare and complete action plans, implement production, productivity, quality and customer-service standards, prepare annual budget, schedule expenditures and initiate corrective actions. Program manager also decide on suitable strategies and objectives, coordinate cross-project activities, completes audits, identifies trends and implements change. It is good to know that this role includes preparing reports for program directors, assuming responsibility for program’s people and vendors, deciding on suitable strategies and so on.

Security manager

Security management jobs are for those who are physically fit and proactive; can handle pressure, have surveillance and negotiation skills as well as knowledge of security protocols and procedures. What does a security manager have to do? To recruit, train and supervise security officers and guards, review reports on incidents and breaches, investigate and resolve issues, analyze data to create proposals for improvement, attend meeting with other managers, etc. Daily routine of a security manager job is consisted of planning and coordinating security operations for specific high-risk events, investigating security, safety and risk-management related issues, controlling budgets for security operations just as writing and reviewing security-related documents.

Maintenance manager

A maintenance management jobs are here for everyone who wants to oversee the process of installation, repair and upkeep of an employer’s property. There are also administrative tasks, reviewing repair cost estimates, delegating activities to subordinates and ensuring that machinery, layout and facilities run to their maximum efficiency. Maintenance manager might also have to prioritize the maintenance and repairs of company equipment and parts, ensure that all vehicles are cleared and fueled, respond to emergency calls for maintenance and supervise employees for the maintenance department.

Restaurant manager

If you are interested in manager jobs and prefer to be close to the food, think about the restaurant management jobs. He or she must organize marketing activities for the restaurant, plan and coordinate menus, meet and greet customers, recruit, train and motivate staff, set budgets, etc. There are also activities such as analyzing restaurant sales levels, checking stock levels, ordering supplies and preparing report at the end of the week. Restaurant manager has to take responsibility of the business performance of the restaurant and maintain high standards of quality control, hygiene, health and safety. Don’t forget about taking reservations, keeping financial and statistical records, setting targets, handling paperwork and liaising with customers, suppliers and employees.

District managers

District managers are in charge of regions where specific stores operate. They have to hire, train and control store managers, create budgets, check stores to make sure they are clean, stocked and in proper working order, ensure branches are delivering value and excellence to the customers and apply innovative approaches and techniques. District managers also must coordinate with senior management, prioritize store performance issues and manage safety and security within the district. People on this position are often good problem solvers, with strong analytical skills and understanding of retail aesthetics and customers.

HR manager

If psychology and work with people are your passions, check this position – HR manager. Human resource manager updates job requirement and job description for each position, establishes recruiting, testing and interviewing candidates program, counsels managers on candidates selection and trains managers to discipline employees. This role also requires scheduling management conferences with employees, preparing, updating and recommending human resource policies just as developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives. Human resource manager has to have deep knowledge of labor law and knowledge of HR systems and databases.

Sales manager

Sales manager jobs – they are for those who are capable to analyze trends and results, implement national sales programs, maintains sales volume, establishes and adjust selling prices, keeps current with supply and demand, projects expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products, etc. Sales manages also has to meet sales financial objectives, prepare annual budget, initiate corrective actions, forecasts and develops annual sales quotas for regions and establish pricing strategies. There are also researching, identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities, monitoring costs and competition, managing sales team, building strong and long-lasting customer relationships and expanding company’s customer base.

Retail management

Retail management - this position includes analyzing sales figures and forecasting future sales, managing stock levels, ensuring standards for quality, responding to customer complaints and comments as well as interviewing potential staff, resolving health, safety, security and legal issues and motivating team to increase sales. Retail managers also must forecast future sales, deal with staffing issues, provide training and development and maintain awareness of market trends in retail industry. Of course, retail manager job should initiate changes to improve the business and promote the organization locally.

Production manager

Production manager has to plan, coordinate and control manufacturing processes, ensure that production is cost effective, set the quality standards, ensure that health and safety standards are followed, review work performance and draft the timescale for the job. Also, this production manager must be responsible for selection and maintenance of equipment, liaise among different departments, monitor product standards and decide what resources are required.

Construction manager

Construction management jobs include overseeing and directing construction projects, overseeing all onsite and offsite constructions, coordinating and directing construction workers and subcontractors, meeting contractual conditions of performance and review the work progress on daily basis. Construction manager has some more activities, as preparing internal and external reports, negotiating terms of agreements, analyzing and managing risks and ensuring quality construction standards. If you want this position, be prepared to plan ahead to prevent problems, select tools, materials and equipment and track inventory. Construction manager must have knowledge of building products, construction details and relevant rules.

Office manager

Office manager is also an interesting position. It is obvious that this position is very stressful, but it also brings a lot of joy and fun as it is full of challenges. He or she must be in charge of office services, staff and efficiency.

IT manager

IT manager jobs are the area for those who have ability to motivate others, work under pressure and prioritize workloads. This career is right choice for you if you have understanding of finance, people management, technical and IT skills, analytical and ability to work on strategic and tactical level.

Assistant manager

There is still no end of the list of manager jobs. Assistant manager has to have active listening, presentation and negotiation skills. Assistant management jobs are not easy as they include a lot of multitasking, assisting the manager, recruiting, interviewing and supervising as well as coordinating operations.

Quality manager

Quality manager is a part of management team, too. He or she must devise and establish company’s quality procedures, standards and specifications. Quality manager must have planning and organization skills, literacy to deal with various technologies, the ability to work in logical, systematic manner, the capacity to grasp concepts easily and the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively with the team.

Service manager

Maybe you want to try out the position of service manager? This career is on demand and very secure. You need to have professionalism, closing and prospective skills for service management jobs. Service manager maintain contacts with customers, conducts services and achieve customer service objectives.

Facilities manager

What does a facilities manager mean? If you are passionate about this role, have in mind that sometimes this position includes implementing safety policies and procedures for the department. If you are seeking for this position, expect feeding back all suggestions for improvement, solving conflicts with clients and establishing the budget with client and company.

Store manager

What does a store manager do? He or she provides merchandise and supervises staff, creates business strategies for increasing store traffic and ensures high levels of customer satisfaction. Store manager must be people oriented and results driven. These workers are also very good in math, have decision making and leadership skills as well as time management skills.

Marketing manager

Could everyone become marketing manager? This role is really complex and similar to role of sales manager. Marketing manager has to have mentoring skills, ability to drive sales process from plan to close and strong business sense. Marketing management jobs might be a good idea for you if you are talkative and have creative mindset.

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